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Tiffany Williams

Nicole Washington Beasley

Let me just start off by saying. Shae you are the real deal and I would like to let everyone know that I have been fortunate enough to work with such an amazing trainer. I reached out to Shae back in March after learning that she was a Certified trainer and with no hesitation I was in the gym the next day. “Lol I wasn’t ready”. But with shae’s support and advice together with such expertise in her area of fitness, posture, and nutrition are outstanding. Shae organized a clean eating plan for me and focused one on one workouts to ensure that I get the best results. “Being that when it comes to working out, I’m a little lazy”. Shae is very encouraging and pushes me to reach my goals. Shae has made me knowledgeable about the right food choices and benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I’ve not only gained control over my eating habits I’ve successfully lost over 20pounds. Shae thanks so much for the push. I wouldn’t be motivated without you.  If you want your body right.. Join the DANGER ZONE TEAM..#wewinning.

Alicia Morris

If you’re unsure about purchasing a waist snatcher, I would say go for it. My waist snatcher fits snuggly around my waist. There are no sharp edges poking into my rib cage. It’s not bulky, so you can wear it under a medium to large t-shirt without it being noticeable. While speed walking, I’ve found that my posture changes while wearing the waist snatcher. Instead of my upper body being in a slouching position when tired or going up hills, it’s more upright, which helps me breathe from my core. Overall, it makes for a more effective workout. Without a doubt, the waist snatcher is worth the investment.

Janiqua Morris

Let me start by thanking my Personal Trainer “Coach Shae”. Being that this was my 1st time in 30+ plus years of working out & actually committing to a program. I was scared & nervous  Shae didn’t let me use my excuses ( trust me I had a million of them lol) She got me out of my Comfort Zone & I’m so grateful for her cause my results are Amazing . By the way I’m just getting started… “It’s The Gainzz For Me”  Y’all betta get down with the Danger Zone

Cristina Fox

Shoutout to my sis Shae, Danger Zone PT, LLC., you’re a great personal trainer, and I’m very grateful. Thank you for challenging me and pushing me just a bit further every time. I’ve achieved more than I thought was possible incorporating a lifestyle change and your training program. It’s been awesome working with you, 9 weeks later and 20lbs lighter

Lost Inches

I just had to show you this this morning! I have about 8 pairs of these pants that I bought during the pandemic and wear every day to work from home… and look what’s happening!! I still have a ways to go and progress to make, but I’m celebrating these little victories and thanking you!

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