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Waist Snatcher


Manufactured specifically for consumers who want to snatch their waist. Sauna heat action slims and trims your appearance, keeps muscles warm and increases blood circulation. This product burns back, belly fat and sheds water weight. The smaller the waist the bigger the butt. The Waist Snatcher is extremely comfortable and does not dig into your skin. Want to burn calories in your sleep? Wear your Waist Snatcher to bed, it’s that comfortable! It has adjustable velcro closure and hand washable.


Choose size based on waist size not clothes size. If between sizes please choose the next size up. Make sure you measure your waist to know what size to purchase. 




S/M= (Long) 90cm to 100cm (Width) 25cm

L/XL= (Long) 110cm to 120cm (Width) 25cm

XL/XXL= (Long) 120cm to 130cm (Width) 25cm


Colors may vary.


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