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102 Woke Sea Moss Gel with Bladderwrack and Burdock Root


Added more minerals to the original Sea Moss to give you 102 minerals that your body needs. Sea Moss is a wild caught from the ocean. Other health benefits of Sea Moss are…


⚫️ Reduces inflammation and mucus

⚫️ Promotes digestive 

⚫️ Promotes regular thyroid function

⚫️ Boost immune function

⚫️ Improves circulation

⚫️ Improves metabolism 

⚫️ Promotes healthy sexual function

⚫️ Supports skin, hair and nails

⚫️ Regulates central and peripheral nervous system function

⚫️ Regulates menstrual cycle

⚫️ Controls cholesterol levels

⚫️ Prevent iron deficiency

⚫️ Plant based protein


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