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DPT Full Journey Plan

DPT Full Journey Plan

If you’re like most women, you tried every diet, walked with no results and just tired-of being tired with hope that you will one day reach your lifestyle goal.


But here’s the thing… Diets don’t work, drinking two meal replacements a day don’t work by running yourself in the ground trying to figure out what works don’t work. 


You see, the real key to finding yourself is creating and implementing self-love. During our 6 weeks together, we’ll follow a plan that takes you from feeling lost, insecure and unmotivated to self-love, confident and highly motivated. So you can look, feel and be that woman you desire to be. No more letting your past trauma hinder you. 

In this program, we’ll tear down negative thoughts about yourself before rebuilding you with sound foundation that focuses on: 

  • Learning the importance of affirmations, mediation and mostly prayer
  • Looking within so you know right where you fall short and how to fill the gaps
  • Understanding macronutrients
  • Have a safe space and no judgment zone for questions and or concerns
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly coaching session
  • Weekly photos/weigh-ins
  • Live workouts and pre-recorded workouts
  • With or without weights
  • Access to our Membership site
  • Apple and Google store APP download
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    Your health, mind and body will thank you.